We assist corporate to leverage on debt as an instrument to raise capital through structured financial products for various requirements including projects, expansions and modernization and in structuring and syndicating funds for acquisitions. We are proud of our wide network of lending banks for financing projects.

We prepare detailed Project Reports (DPR) for green-field and expansion projects. The DPR normally contain all project related write-up and detailed financial projections based on the technical inputs pertinent to the project. Besides, we seek the services of industry specific technical consultants with required domain expertise, if the case so demands , for preparing DPRs acceptable to the lending institutions.


Our firm holds expertise in delivering Mergers & Acquisitions service to our clients. Our merger and acquisitions services include Due Diligence Service, review of a company’s goals and objectives, preparation of financial forecasts & projections , advice on potential threats and rewards involved in a merger/acquisition , complete assistance in purchase negotiations and general strategic and transaction specific advice.

We bring a unique combination of industry knowledge, relevant transaction , experience and financial expertise and financial expertise to bear for our clients.


We handle all aspect of structuring and operating private equity funds from the creation of investment from the creation of structure to the disposal of investment. Our range of services in private equity is directed towards raising private and venture capital for the clients. We help ensure proper structuring and presentation of the deal, establish viability of business model , approach and negotiate with private equity funds to obtain the best-possible deal.


We provide depositary receipt services. We advise to issuers on all matters relating to American Depositary Receipts(ADRs) and Global Depositary Receipts(GDRs) and we deliver Value to our clients by obtaining the best results from their depositary receipt programs. We have the breadth of experience and in-depth industry knowledge to meet your needs


Working Capital , Term loan from Banks: We have arrangements a number of private/public sector banks and big financial institutions for arranging C.C. limit , and L/C Limit at very convenient rates of interest to our clients.

Packing Credit Loan, Letter of Credit for Importer & Explorer: This is arranged in terms of working capital requirements. We arrange packing credit limit and letter of credit for all type of exporters and importers.

Loan Against Property: The clients could also avail this facility of taking loans against their property .All owners of a house , flat or any other commercial/private property can come to us mortgage of such property to meet their business, professional and personal requirements.


Letter of Credit: We offer import as well as domestic letter of Credit facility to our clients for procurement of goods on DA/DP basis as per their needs at very competitive rates. Considering our international network of branches/offices coupled with worldwide correspondent relationship arrangements, our clients enjoy market acceptability and comfort in business deals.

Bank Guarantee: We offer Bank Guarantee facility to our clients guaranteeing their performance / financial obligations in the domestic in the domestic as well as international market.

LC Advising/Confirming Services: In case of Letters of Credit received by our clients, we offer LC advising as well as LC confirmations services under our correspondent relationship with domestic as well as international banks.

Co-acceptance facilities: Sometimes in business deals on credit basis, buyers are required to offer adequate comforts to the sellers such as bank guarantee or co-acceptance of bills by the bankers. We offer co-acceptance of bills facility to our top rated clients.


The need for a corporate debt restructuring often arises when a company is going through financial hardship and is having difficulty in meeting its obligations.

We help in reorganization of a company’s outstanding obligations. Often archived by reducing the burden of the debts on the company by decreasing the rates paid and increasing the time the company has to pay the obligations back. This allows the company to increase its ability to meet the obligations. Also, some of the debt may be forgiven by creditors in exchange for an equity position in the company.We offer a broad range of services that are custom-made to your situation and to help you evaluate opportunities along with the most effective restructuring plan.

Arrangement the funds from Abroad in the form of FDI

Provide financial opinion after assessing their current financials and advise them about them about future projects/expansions/diversifications etc.